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We are a proud distributor of J Dental Care Evolution Plus+ Implants and prosthetics.  We are committed to providing unmatched quality and unbeatable value. 

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The new JDEvolution® Plus combines the JDEvolution® implant design with the exclusive internal hex connection with lead-in bevel, 100% compatible with Zimmer Dental© Screw-Vent®.


The internal hex connection with lead-in bevel is the connection more studied and tested in the world with more than 20 years of clinical studies and practices.


During all these years, this connection has been shown to reduce stress on crestal bone and to resist abutment screw loosening, thus creating favorable conditions for bone level maintenance.


The Connection is also universally recognized by all the main CAD/CAM platforms' libraries present in the market.

The implant system JDEvolution® Plus+ has been designed to ensure:

  • Ease of use thanks to the exclusive design of the fixture and the single prosthetic platform for all implant diameters

  • Flexibility for the dentist thanks to a full range of prosthetic components

  • Predictable osseointegration thanks to a high primary stability even in compromised bone

  • Soft tissues stability thanks to the Platform Switching concept

  • Internal Connection 100% compatible with Zimmer Dental© Screw-Vent®

  • The Connection is universally recognized by all the main CAD/CAM platforms' libraries



Premium dental implants do not have to be expensive.

Product Benefits


Enjoy long lasting implants that are guaranteed to last.

100% Compatibility

Compatible with Zimmer® Screw-Vent®

About Us

We don’t just sell implants and prosthetics.  We are a group of practicing dental surgeons that are passionate about implant dentistry and providing value to our customers.

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Our purpose inspired our name. Esteem empowers patients with the self-esteem and confidence that comes from a beautiful, healthy, natural smile. Esteem has the power to change your life in just one day!


Experience the power of a new smile, and the invigorating feeling of becoming a new you.

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